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Bhasha Andolan, the unique language movement of Orissa, is marked for absolute adherence to principle and peacefulness, even though it is the most popular movement of the people to force the government for governance of their motherland in their mother tongue.

Powerful mainstream media ‘The Telegraph’ verbally, yet formally, interviewed its chief Subhas Chandra Pattanayak on completion of 500 days of the movement from  various calling  angles, which is published on September 02, 2017.

We are glad to share it below, with the note that, the interview was conducted in Oriya and the interviewer had the prerogative to edit it while reducing to the present form.

Now, to the published interview:



[ଉପସ୍ଥାପନାର ମୁଖବନ୍ଧରେ ଥିବା “125 ଥର”କୁ “125 ଦିନ” ପଢିବାକୁ ଅନୁରୋଧ | କହିବା ପ୍ରମାଦ (slip of tongue ) ବା ଟିପିବା ପ୍ରମାଦ (slip of pen ) ହେତୁ “ଦିନ”ଟା “ଥର” ହୋଇଯାଇଛି: ସୁଭାଷ ଚ.ପଟ୍ଟନାୟକ ]