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ଓଡିଶା ବିଧାନସଭାକୁ ବିଭ୍ରାନ୍ତ କରି , ଓଡ଼ିଆ ଜାତିର ଭାଷା ଅଧିକାରକୁ ଖର୍ବ କରିବା ପାଇଁ ଯେଉଁ 4-କ ଧାରା ଗତ ୧.୫.୨୦୧୮ ତାରିଖରେ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାରୀ ଭାଷା ଆଇନରେ ଖଞ୍ଜା ଯାଇଥିଲା, ସେହି ଧାରାକୁ ବଳବତ୍ତର ରଖି ଓ ତହିଁରେ ଥିବା ଅନର୍ଥକ ଉପାଦାନକୁ ଅକ୍ଷୁର୍ଣ ରଖି ଦ୍ବିତୀୟ ସଂଶୋଧନ ନାମରେ ଯେଉଁ ଧୂଆଁବାଣ ମାରିଛନ୍ତି ରାଜ୍ୟ ସରକାର ତାହାକୁ ମଞ୍ଜୁରୀ ନ ଦେବାକୁ ମାନ୍ୟବର ରାଜ୍ୟପାଳଙ୍କୁ ଭାଷା ଆନ୍ଦୋଳନ ଅନୁରୋଧ କରିଛି ।

ରାଜ୍ୟପାଳଙ୍କୁ ପ୍ରଦତ୍ତ ପତ୍ରର ନକଲ ନିମ୍ନରେ ସ୍ଥାନିତ ହେଲା :

His Excellency the Governor of Orissa,
Raj Bhavan, Bhubaneswar

Sub: Request for returning the Odisha Official Language (Second Amendment) Bill , 2018

Ref. My Memorandum dated 24.5.2018


The State Government has yet again misled the Assembly to pass the Odisha Official Language (Second Amendment) Bill, 2018 by suppressing vital facts, which I had informed you in my Memorandum under reference.

On behalf of Bhasha Andolan, Orissa, I had appealed you to please refuse assent to Odisha Official Language (Amendment) Bill, 2018 that severely threatened the effectiveness and relevance of the Odisha Official Language Act, 1954 by inserting a mischievously designed notorious Section namely Section 4-A into the Act, on the grounds mentioned therein.

I am sure; Your Excellency didn’t sleep over my demand for repealing the same Section for the illegalities it was based upon.

Sadly, instead of repealing the same, the Government has misled the Assembly again to refurbish the same section by a shrewd amendment that would continue to create further confusion in administration of the Act.

Furthermore, Your Excellency, continuance of the Section 4-A means legalization of the wrongful ‘Statement of Objects and Reasons’ that the illegal Section 4-A was based upon. The administration of anti-Oriya mentality has arbitrarily linked this Section to Cabinet decision dated 26.12.2017 instead of the finally relevant Cabinet decision of 14.03.2018 in order to render inconsequential the real legislative intention the State Cabinet had formulated on this later day by superseding decision of the former day.

I, therefore, request you to please call for the records of the suppressed Cabinet Resolution dated 14.03.2018 on Official Language Act and to please refuse your assent to the Odisha Official Language (Second Amendment) Bill, 2018 with advice that the totally illegal Section 4-A be replaced with a fresh amendment keeping intact the scope and applicability of the Act while flawlessly and unambiguously providing for punishment to whosoever functionary violates the Act.

Kind Regards,

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak,
Member, Ministerial Committee on working of Odisha Official Language Act (defunct)
Founder Chairman, Bhasha Andolan , Orissa


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